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We believe that the ministry of camping is, with God’s help, an experience of Christian community and learning for all people, shared in an outdoor setting as part of the fabric of the education, outreach, and evangelism of the United Church of Canada. It is West Haven’s mission to provide a safe, enjoyable, Christian community in a natural setting in which all people experience opportunities to expand their physical, mental and spiritual health.


To help people have fun while they grow spiritually, experience the love of God and the fellowship of friends and leaders, gain respect for self and others, increase appreciation of the natural world, learn sportsmanship and safety, acquire skills and knowledge.


A committee of dedicated people meet throughout the year to assess and improve the camp programs, make decisions pertaining to the general upkeep and maintenance of the camp facilities, and recruit and provide training for volunteer leaders and counsellors, as well as hired staff.

If you wish to volunteer with any aspect of the camp, please visit the VOLUNTEER  page for more information, or visit the FORMS page to apply online.

If you wish to donate to the camp, please visit our  DONATE page.